About Us

Meet The Maker

Welcome Beauties! I'm Lanae, mom to a beautiful daughter, self-care advocate, intuitive blogger, watercolor painter, passionate artisan, and CEO + Founder of Bloom By Simply Lanae ®.

Bloom manifested as a way to continue my own self-care rituals to balance motherhood, career and interests. I experienced a hard time finding high quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that were available in portable sizes. 

This was the catalyst that led me to develop my plant-based products, through the study of herbalism to understand what flowers and herbs foster wellness benefits such as improving mood, relaxation and while enhancing a beauty regimen. It was a truly magical experience!

Later, I gifted them to family and friends to encourage them to make self-care a top priority. Then, it quickly bloomed into online boutique you see today. And so it is!

I believe that when you are nurtured, you can bloom beautifully and live life more intentionally. It has been my dream and a privilege to share my self-care creations with you. I hope they bring you as much joy as I experienced creating them. #KeepBlooming


 Lanae Jackson, Founder and CEO, Bloom by Simply Lanae