About Us


Our Mission:

Bloom By Simply Lanae® creates 100% all-natural, eco-friendly, luxurious, toxic-free, self-care products for people to enjoy, so they can bloom, wherever they are!

We designed everything with that enjoyment in mind, from hand-painting the labels in watercolor, sewing the conveniently sized totes, hand-stamping the journals, to spending years formulating the right recipe for our beauty products. 

Our intention is that whenever you need a product for a moment of self-care, we have you covered. We want you to stay nourished -- mind, body, and spirit!

Our Values:

We value the Earth’s resources, so we use as many sustainable business practices, as much as possible. For example, we use glass and tin packaging, instead of plastic, and even our tissue paper, bags, stickers and tape that's used for shipping, is made from recyclable and/or compostable materials. 

We also pay it forward by sponsoring and supporting activities to empower women and minority-owned businesses. Visit Lanae's personal blog, SimplyLanae.com for more information. 

Meet Lanae:

Hi Beauties! I'm Lanae, mom to a beautiful daughter, self-care advocate, intuitive blogger, passionate artisan, and now CEO and founder of Bloom By Simply Lanae®.

Bloom manifested as a way to continue my own self-care rituals to balance motherhood, career and interests. I experienced a hard time finding high quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that were available in portable sizes. 

This was the catalyst that led me to develop my plant-based products, through the study of herbalism to understand what flowers and herbs foster wellness benefits such as improving mood, relaxation and while enhancing a beauty regimen. It was a truly magical experience!

Later, I gifted them to family and friends to encourage them to make self-care a top priority. Then, it quickly bloomed into online boutique you see today. And so it is!

I believe that when you are nurtured, you can bloom beautifully and live life more intentionally. It has been my dream and a privilege to share my self-care creations with you. I hope they bring you is much joy as I experienced making them. #KeepBlooming